The Goldendoodle featured in my "Furry Friends" gallery is our beloved Bentley, a 10-week old multi-generational doodle.  We adopted him from breeders Melissa Farmer and her family, who own and operate Farmer Doodles in Medina, Ohio.  

We could not have asked for a more adorable family addition.  Goldendoodles are perfect for folks who suffer from pet allergens due to their no/low shed, allergy-friendly texture.  Like other doodles, Bentley is warm, loving, and very inquisitive.  He loves to learn, play, and at this point in his life, sleep! :)  He is also a perfect model for my pet photography!

No matter what type pet you own, enjoy them.  Learn from them.  They are great teachers who give you their hearts, only asking for you to give them yours.  It is a win-win.

Visit Farmer Doodles' website: